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Trading Notes on Last Empire-War Z

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  I,Your troops should be at least 30k! II,Contact our live chat service and tell our customer rep your state number and coordinate III:We will fly several alt accounts for you to attack the rss,you can just attack one by one,we will send another when you finish one,don't attack several together so when we are sending another you still have base to attack with. IV:The total quantity of the order will be correct but it may be different ratio,like 4fuel:6food or 4food:6fuel and such V:Make sure you have enough time to collect the rss.We will send a few bases a time,so if you have something to rush to do or need to go to sleep during the transaction, please let us know at least 20 mins earlier ,we could't assume the lose of those rss which we sent but you dont have time to attack . VI: We don't assume the lose if you get attack by other players during the transaction process(if it happens let us know)