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RIFT Fall of Lantern Hook

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  The Fall of Lantern Hook" has just been released which is a five-man dungeon deep in the Droughtlands zone of Telara for its soon-to-come role-play game Rift. Mighty Ascended brave enough to enter are transported to a nightmare alternate future where Telara succumbs to Maelforge, the dragon lord of the Fire Plane. If you truly want to enjoy rift, enough RIFT Gold is a must as well as some battle strategies. Let's take a brief look at it! In Lantern Hook in the Droughtlands, there is a deep, clear well. It is said that this well is enchanted, and that any Ascended who swims to the bottom will be transported to a nightmare world of endless flame. This is so, but only the mighty Ascended are brave enough to chance the deep waters. And when they emerge from the well, they do find themselves in a world consumed by fire. Yet this is no alien land but a dark vision of Lantern Hook itself, the last spot on Telara to fall to the rampaging hordes of Maelforge. By experiencing the Fall of Lantern Hook, the Ascended can see firsthand the horrific fate in store if they fail and even one of the dragons is allowed free reign over Telara. The open bata is coming soon, it's a wise decision to prepare some RIFT Online Gold first! Guardians are drawn to Lantern Hook by dreams and visions, believing their experiences at the bottom of the well are part of a revelation from the Vigil. The Defiant, no strangers to time travel, believe that the Fall of Lantern Hook is but another alternate future like the one they hail from, where Regulos devours the world with the wasting energies of Death. The Fall of Lantern Hook depicts Maelforge, Dragon of Fire, roasting Telara alive and unleashing a frenzy of consumption and desolation. THE open bata is coming soon, it's a wise decision to prepare some RIFT Online Gold first!