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Patch 4.3,Hour of Twilight is coming!

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     The blizzard official website updated a news about the patch 4.3 today, it says the new patch "Hour of Twilight" is closing, and they have already announced that PVP season 10 will be ended on Dec.1st. So according to convention, the new patch will come in one week after the PVP season ended, this is what we can predict. However, we can not make sure of this , let's looking forward it.
The original content below:

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3:Hour of Twilight nears, and with it, Deathwing's reign of terror will finally come to an end. Featuring a new raid, unexplored dungeons, a legendary rogue quest line, the lastest raid tier armor sets(Tier 13 sets), major story developments, the Transmogrification and Voild Storage features , and much more, Hour of Twilight has something for everyone.The Christmas Day will coming, so we bravely to guess that blizzard wanna catch this great oppotunity to recall more afk players back to WOW , that's quite brilliant. People are on holiday this month, they'll have more time to spend on playing games. No doubt, many people will get back to wow and play the new patch, they'll see if they still love wow, love the new patch to decide if going to afk or get back to wow like they do before.

There's some points that we can predict that may be excuted in this new patches:
1. As all know so far, blizzard has added more funny and interesting items, events on this new patch, so it could be playable and attractive.
2.The current raids and dungeons are much hard for most players, especially those casual gamers, so we can predict that blizzard will change a bit of this embarassed situation.
3.The currency inflation problem in the game. This sounds as we do in real life, the money goes off it's value compared with it was in old times.  So we think that is necessary to be balanced in the new patch.
If there's some news of updated information, we'll keep updating.