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Mist of Pandaria New Expansion of WOW

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  Blizzcon has just finshed, blizzard has announced the new expansion: Mist of Pandaria and Diablo Three and blizzard's dota. Few months ago, the guess of next expasion has flooded with breaking news and the players are not VERY surprised when heard of the next expansion. Well, just as we may thought before.
 Here's some important news released at Blizzcon:
1.Level cap increase to lvl 90
2.Pet Battle system with Panda-like creatures.
3.New class added: Monk
4.New Race: Panda (Available for both Alliance and Horde side)
5.New continent added:Pandaria
6.Pve Scenarios
7.New Talent systems.

 Blizzard didnt mentioned the exactly date of the new expansion, but we'll update this with more information about Mist of Pandaria.