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Final Fantasy XIV : Battle Regimens & Incapacitation

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  A new post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone features a look at the unique Battle Regimens and the incapacitation of body parts. Battle Regimens are coordinated battle tactics with several players attacking a single enemy. Successful regimens can weaken opponents by rendering heads or limbs incapacitated. Among the enemies found throughout Eorzea, there are those with body parts susceptible to damage. Sustaining a certain amount of damage will result in those body parts becoming incapacitated. For example, an aldgoat's horns may be broken, or a diremite's stinger lopped off. This is achieved through the use of specific weaponskills that automatically target these body parts whenever they are present. When the body part of an enemy is incapacitated, it will suffer the following effects: .Weaken the monster
.Prevent the monster from using its special attacks
.Influence the type of loot dropped