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Dragon Nest SEA Encounter

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  Dragon Nest SEA published by Cherry Credits, have just concluded their 5 days of Closed Beta Testing last July 19, 2011. A massive number of players joined the game as the server has opened last July 13, 2011 as you can really observe the crowd on the first towns. Inline with the beta testing Cherry Credits is also giving away 1,000 DN Points everyday when you log into Dragon Nest SEA CBT period. These DN points shall be used to redeem some premium items from the Dragon Nest Cash Shop during the Open Beta period. In addition to this, they will also give those CBT players who reached level 24 a special title for OBT.    I will also provide you some reviews about the game so I’ll start with the graphics and environment. The graphics is in average level, the lighting is good as it gives life to the timely settings of the game. The game offers a wide variety of dungeons in a certain level bracket so running through the dungeons for quest and grinding won’t be boring. Though there are very minimal options that you can customize with the graphics settings, it’s just between high and low graphics quality and the screen resolutions. In the setup it seems like the game was even optimized for early version of gaming rigs and still living up for the genre as fast-paced action mmorpg. Characters and NPC are also equipped with cute voices that really fit their characters very well. Your own character will actually speak everytime it casts a skill and even jump or dash. The NPCs do greet everytime you interact with them. Dragon Nest offers us four playable classes, warrior, archer, sorceress and cleric. One of the turn downs in the game is the gender lock of the classes as warrior and clerics are only playable as male while archer and sorceress are only playable as female characters. At level 15, you may choose between the two tier 2 advancement for your class. We have Paladin and Priest for the cleric, Force User and Elemental Lord for sorceress, Sword Master and Mercenary for warrior, and Bow Master and Acrobat for the archer class.   There’s also some releases about tier 3 classes that we should really look forward to. Dragon Nest is also a very user friendly game. You don’t need to have deep understanding about the gameplay since it’s features  are not as complicated as the latest MMORPGs. With the quest tracking system, reading the quest description and logs is not necessary. All you need to do is follow the arrow that is indicated on your quest tracker and it will take you to what dungeon you must enter to finish the quest. It would also help you to collect the needed items and kill the monsters you need for your quest. If by any chance that run out of main quest or even side quests, there are also available mission quests outside every dungeons that will also give you decent amount of expereince. The controls in Dragon Nest are very easy. If you have played Counter Strike or any first-person shooter game before it goes almost like that. WASD is used to walk/move while spacebar for jumping. You only have keys 1-0 for the skills and another set of hotkeys when you switch through “~” button. Left mouse click for the normal attack while Right mouse click for the secondary attack or the ground attack. You may also use the R button to resurrect yourself when you are dead (if there are still lives left) and to resurrect your party mates when they are dead and shows up like a ghost. Let me also introduce to you the Dragon Nest SEA’s very own, Altea’s Blessing. Seems like the English servers are into their hardcore gamers. Other asian servers have this FTG or what they call the fatigue system. This limits the players to a specific amount of dungeons they can run in-game. Once your FTG bar becomes 0, you cannot enter any dungeons anymore and your last option is to do PvP. Though this FTG bar refreshes everyday so you can do another set of dungeon runs the next day. The amount of FTG deduction depends of what mode you are entering in a dungeon, the more difficult mode, the more FTG points shall be deducted. In Dragon Nest SEA, they have replace this FTG to Altea’s Blessing wherein instead of making the dungeon runs limited it gives you a daily limited bonus exp. This also refreshes everyday and once it goes to 0, you can still enter the dungeons but in normal rate of exp. This is a good news for the hard core south-east asian gamers. I can’t give much of details about PvP and Guild System as it is not implemented yet on the Closed Beta phase of Dragon Nest SEA. Open Beta is scheduled to set off this August so watch out for more exciting features to be unleashed.