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Character power leveling in Eve Online

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  In the game Eve Online, there are not so many basic parameters of the character, as in other RPGs. Generally, the game is very different from others. So, there are only five basic parameters - Intelligence, which determines the rate of learning basic and additional (e.g. Scientific) skills; Charisma, necessary for running agent missions; Perception which is important for piloting and combat skills; Memory, necessary for the speed of studying and to control various electronic devices; Willpower, very important for combat skills.
Instead, there are a plenty of Secondary parameters in the game - scientific, industrial, combat ... They allow you to make your character unique to your own discretion. For example, for a better fighter it's better to initially focus on such parameters as Willpower and Perception.
After choosing the parameters, you need to choose initial skills. The ability to pilot a frigate woud not be extra - it is useful for almost any style of play. Initial experience points should be distributed extremely carefully, as this will save valuable time at the beginning of the game.
Pumping the skills is done through studying “skill books” (you can just buy them on the in game market). It may take a fairly long time, depending on the skill level - if the 2-nd level of a skill is studied in a day or two, training the skill till level 5 may take even 45 days.
However, the skilss are trained regardless of whether the player is in the game or not. This simplifies the process of training, but still it is hard to pump all the possible skills to the maximu level - this will take too much time. You can also speed up learning by training the skills of the Learning group first. Another way to accelerate learning is to use special implants, although they may be lost if the ship gets destroyed.