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Analysis of current situation of World of Warcraft

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Analysis of current situation of World of Warcraft, contradiction between old and new players
Everything has it's two sides. Great divergence would be made if there's not communications, understanding and forgiveness.No matter new players or old ones, they can always find some points to refute each other with their own reasons.we need forgiveness in our real life,  so as it in worlf of warcraft.
A. The difference before new and old players
1. Proficiency of raid. The team raid of wow various of type, but only few types of mode basically.
a. Gathering & dispersing Type.
b. Moving and positioning, balancing damages type.
c. Clear small mobs.
d. Stand still battle.
e. Large AOE, Dot (Need to dispel)
2. Accumulation of bacis gears
Old players get large full heroic gears of last version or full normal gears
New players, according to the situation of patch 4.2, new players troll raid gears and rep gear, the items in AH no more than 365 level mostly.
3.Obscure of better or worse gear.
Old players know that gear or item they need, and attribute of gears.
New players do not know what kinda of gear they do need or which is better, they thought the higher levels are better all the time.
4.Unfamiliar with other classes.
-Old players knows 85% skills of other classes, and they also clear about when and what skill needed.
-New players only focus of their own business, never knows others what skill of team players.

B.Why old players not willing to bring new players
Synthesize what i said above.
1. New playes dont know the skills of bosses, and among old customers they can do much tacit to play very well at the same situation. it's waste of time and energy to bring new guys.
2. New players dont know what items they need.
3. Damages of new players can not reach requirements, mostly it is the problem of attitudes.
-Not item enchanting, no gems
-Random enchanting and gems
-Terrible item recast
4. Some people among those new players have tender bearing ability
-Quit, abusing, spaming if no item avaiable.
-No accpetion of others advices and doubt.

C.Difficulties and troubles of new players their own.
1.None teach him/her spec, items, enchanting, gems, recast info, etc.
2.None bring him/her to start farming, so they dont know how to fight bosses.
3.Obscure of strategies, hard to understand, no chance for act.
4.Powerleveling by others, dont even understand his/her own class.

D. Solutions of new players
1. Group a team to farm raid themselves, and team members can be old players or new players which has same situations.
2. Play a rare class. like Warlock, shaman, holy pally or priest.
3. See more videos on youtube.
4. Figure out spec, items, enchanting, gems ,recast info.
5. The most important things is to be modest.

E. The bad cycling of old players dont help new ones.
1. Old players keep afk .
2. New players dont have a good knowledge of basic raid concept and consciousness keep reducing, it make the all team players got bad atmosphere.
3. When new players turn to be old players, it's attitude to new players is able to be predicted.

F. Embarass situation of old players, new players should pay attention.
1. Many old players has a changable raid time, new players can be online 100% is a good advtange.
2. Raid experience and attitude of old players worth your learn, at least pretend to be.
3. Old players mostly are dps and tank, so new players can try healer classes.
4. Compared with flippancy and snobbish of old players, new players can be active and modest to learn.

Summary: it's not old players' obligation to help new players, but in order to keep wowers cycling and long time developing, cultivating  next generations is necessary.