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  •   ico Name: Chris IP:71.195.48.* 2015/7/4 14:48:33

    I have bought multiple times from them and they have never been 15 minutes late. I have contacted them for live chat and there always there. Great service and good prices. Better service then the game company that i play for. "Nexon"

  •   ico Name: Tony IP:110.174.248.* 2015/7/4 2:48:33

    Fantastic services. Bought from these guys twice now, couldnt of have been any happier.

  •   ico Name: crazyez IP:58.72.510.* 2015/7/4 1:48:33

    VERY helpful, friendly and responsive.. so far, a great experience!

  •   ico Name: Daryl IP:138.130.236.* 2015/6/27 2:46:40

    Really great! The 24/7 Live chat service was amazing and they talked through the process 1 by 1. I would definitely recommend this site to purchase in game good, no doubt about it.

  •   ico Name: Roy IP:129.21.118.* 2015/5/8 1:57:28

    I didn't get my gold but got a refund because they are out of stock,reliable enough

  •   ico Name: Lolita IP:85.80.216.* 2015/3/18 21:34:43

    Best service ive ever met!five satrs lol

  •   ico Name: dan IP:98.244.28.* 2015/4/7 23:03:58

    i bought from them 3 times and both super fast safe and friendly highly recomand it to others

  •   ico Name: Ken IP:122.58.137.* 2014/4/27 20:37:39

    Best service, highly recommened!!!! FASTEST DELIVERY

  •   ico Name: Dan IP:76.72.150.* 2014/6/17 8:24:50

    I just bought gold and got it instantly,will refer it to my friends for sure,thanks for service!

  •   ico Name: Isaac IP:70.115.147.* 2014/10/4 22:17:53

    Best service ive ever met!!

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